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Warehouse Workers



In sales-driven organizations, supply chain business leaders constantly struggle with the battle to balance the constant chase for revenue growth and the pressure to drive down costs. As decisions are made to increase sales, tradeoffs often occur between inventory levels, service levels, and cost. Communicating the value impact of those tradeoffs to decision makers and ensuring an understanding of cost and performance implications of supply chain decisions is a challenge. Organizations aren’t always aligned around monthly demand, supply, and financial forecasts. And balancing geo-political environments, cost-to-serve, and lead times will continue to be an ongoing juggling act.

At ZAS Consulting, we are seasoned supply chain management consulting professionals capable of enhancing the balance between service levels, working capital, and cost. We combine process rigor with emerging technologies and best practices that enable faster, better decision making for increased cash flow and optimal service levels while improving profits at the lowest possible cost-to-serve.

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